Our research interests

The breadth and scope of research in our field is well illustrated in the report of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA Plasma Science: Advancing Knowledge in the National Interest. Our research covers all areas of Plasma Science and Engineering: Low Temperature Plasma Science and Engineering, Basica Plasma Science, The Plasma Science of Magnetic Fusion, Plasma Physics at High Energy Density, Space and Astrophysical Plasmas, with a broad methodological approach ranging from theory and simulations to experiments, from fundamental science to engineering.

The research of the faculty members of the Scientific Area of Plasmas, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion is developed in the Institute of Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion at IST. In the website of IPFN you can learn about the many different projects developed at IST in this field. You can browse through the research interests of our faculty members in the faculty webpage and in the individual webpages of the faculty members. Some of the most recent publications of the faculty members are highlighted below. You can also check the news section to learn about the exciting developments pioneered by the faculty members of the the Scientific Area of Plasmas, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion.

Recent Publications

[view all publications in 2016 - 2018]
  • New FPGA based hardware implementation for JET gamma-ray camera upgrade, Fernandes, A. et al., Fusion Engineering and Design (2018) DOI
  • Testing results of chopper based integrator prototypes for the ITER magnetics, Batista, A.J.N. et al., Fusion Engineering and Design (2018) DOI
  • Control and data acquisition software upgrade for JET gamma-ray diagnostics, Santos, B. et al., Fusion Engineering and Design (2018) DOI
  • Monitoring and Hardware Management for Critical Fusion Plasma Instrumentation, Carvalho, P.F. et al., EPJ Web of Conferences (2018) DOI
  • Remote inspection with multi-copters, radiological sensors and SLAM techniques, Carvalho, H., Vale, A., Marques, R., Ventura, R., Brouwer, Y., and Gonçalves, B., EPJ Web of Conferences (2018) DOI
  • Taking advantage of the intercommunication features of IPMCs in ATCA CDAQ systems, Rodrigues, A.P., Santos, B., Carvalho, P.F., Correia, M., Sousa, J., Correia, C.M.B., and Gonçalves, B., Fusion Engineering and Design (2018) DOI
  • Estimation of X-Mode Reflectometry First Fringe Frequency Using Neural Networks, Aguiam, D. E. et al., IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (2018) DOI
  • Full-Pulse Tomographic Reconstruction with Deep Neural Networks, Ferreira, D. R., Carvalho, P. J., Fernandes, H., Fusion Science and Technology (2018) DOI
  • Foundations of modelling of nonequilibrium low-temperature plasmas, Alves, L. L., Bogaerts, A., Guerra, V., and Turner, M. M., Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2018) DOI
  • Reply to Comment on 'The case for in situ resource utilisation for oxygen production on Mars by non-equilibrium plasmas', Vasco Guerra et al., Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2018) DOI
  • Kinetic study of low-temperature CO2 plasmas under non-equilibrium conditions. I. Relaxation of vibrational energy, Tiago Silva et al., Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2018) DOI
  • Ion acceleration in electrostatic collisionless shock: on the optimal density profile for quasi-monoenergetic beams, Boella, E., Fiuza, F., Stockem Novo, A., Fonseca, R. A., Silva, L. O., Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (2018) DOI
  • The DEMO wall load challenge, Wenninger, R. et al., Nuclear Fusion (2017) DOI
  • Efficient generation of energetic ions in multi-ion plasmas by radio-frequency heating, Kazakov, Ye. O., and JET Contributors, Nature Physics (2017) DOI
  • Extremely intense laser-based electron acceleration in a plasma channel, Vranic, M., Fonseca, R. A., and Silva, L. O., Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (2017) DOI
  • Nuclear instrumentation and measurement: a review based on the ANIMMA conferences, Michel Giot et al., EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (2017) DOI
  • An ultra-high gain and efficient amplifier based on Raman amplification in plasma, Vieux, G. et al., Scientific Reports (2017) DOI
  • Horizon 2020 EuPRAXIA design study, Walker, P.A. et al., Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2017) DOI
  • MARCONI-FUSION: The new high performance computing facility for European nuclear fusion modelling, Iannone, F. et al., Fusion Engineering and Design (2017) DOI
  • Main chamber wall plasma loads in JET-ITER-like wall at high radiated fraction, Guillemaut, C. et al., Nuclear Materials and Energy (2017) DOI