Luís Oliveira e Silva

Foreword by Luís Oliveira e Silva

The area of Plasmas, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion is one of the five main scientific and disciplinary areas of the Department of Physics. The disciplinary area of Plasmas, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion provides the framework to the recruitment and promotion of the faculty members of IST experts in our fields of research. The first coordinator of the scientific area was Professor Carlos Matos Ferreira.

It comprises 18 faculty members, of which:

  • 2 are Full Professors, 3 are Associate Professors with "Agregação";
  • 5 are Assistant Professors with "Agregação" or Assistant Researchers with "Habilitação", and 2 are Assistant Professors (all with tenure);
  • 2 are Assistant Professors (tenure track);
  • 1 is Invited Associate Professor;
  • 2 are Invited Assistant Professors.

Our goal is to contribute to the national and international recognition of the Physics Department and of IST by being a top Department in Europe and in the World in our fields of expertise. We aim to provide an exciting academic environment that exposes our students to the most cutting edge scientific and technological problems, fosters the careers of our faculty members, and projects the impact of our research to the scientific community and to the society in general.