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Plasma Physics, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion

Welcome to the webpage of the Scientific Area of Plasmas, Lasers and Nuclear Fusion of the Department of Physics of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST). The faculty members of our scientific area are actively engaged in education, research and outreach programs in a wide range of topics covered by the fields of plasma physics, lasers and nuclear fusion, both from a fundamental perspective, and from a technological/engineering perspective.

The research of the faculty members is developed at the Institute of Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN), a research unit (RU) of IST evaluated as “Exceptional” (2014, the sole RU of IST and the sole RU in Physics to receive this mark) and as “Excellent” (2019 and 2021, when IPFN renewed its contract of Associate Laboratory of FCT).


Recent News

Faculties H Fernandes and M Fajardo nominated for IUPAP Commissions

Faculties H Fernandes and M Fajardo nominated for IUPAP Commissions December 27 2021

Horácio Fernandes and Marta Fajardo were nominated for the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Commissions on Physics for Development (C13) and on Plasma Physics (C16), respectively.

The Commission on Physics for Development was established in 1981 to promote the exchange of information and views among members of the scientific community, to (i) help in appropriate ways the improvement of physics and physicists conditions in developing countries by (ii) proposing and, if appropriate, support initiatives to promote the contribution of physics to industrial development...

MIT project granted to faculties V Guerra and T Silva

MIT project granted to faculties V Guerra and T Silva December 15 2021

Vasco Guerra and Tiago Silva were awarded a 50k€ grant for their exploratory proposal "plasma-assisted CO2 Recycling: from EArth TO maRs" (CREATOR), funded in the framework of the MIT-Portugal programme.

CREATOR consists of a systematic theoretical, modelling and simulation investigation, with the purpose of investigating CO2 plasma dissociation and plasma-surface interactions relevant for product separation. The final goal is to define the optimal conditions for a plasma reactor to operate for both Terrestrial and Martian CO2 recycling applications. It builds on the Seed Project "In...

Recent Publications